How to book an apartment?

1. Choose your apartment, look all the photos, read carefully description and details about the apartment and locality where would you like ot go. For further information about houses or locality please don't hesitate to contact us: +39 346 577 5975. For information about availibility and price please do not call, but leave directly message: +39 346 577 5975 (also viber or whatsap). We speak english, italian and czech. 

2. Check the availibility and ask the price. You can simply send us an email at, or message on whatsapp +39 346 577 5975. 

Please write the date in which you want ot book an apartment, indicate the number of the guests and apartment where you would like to stay. 

Please leave a detailed message with your name and phone number where we can contact you. You will get answer as quickly as possible, usually during 24 hours.

3. To book an apartment, you are requested to pay a non-refundable percentage of between 20 % and 50 % of the total, depending on the apartments. The rest will be paid in cash during check in. For some apartments in August guests are obligated to pay the total cost of the apartment. We will send you an email with detailed instructions explaining how to make the transfer. 

The apartment will be blocked under your name, provisionally only for 24 hours. The booking of the apartment will not be fully completed until we receive the payments receipt and copy of your ID card in the fillowing email adress: Please remember, that any deposits received from you are non-refundable. 

Are you not sure book directly with us? You can also check and book all the apartments on

About check in

We would like to inform you about a decision of majority vote by the Trinita D'Agultu /Trinita D'Agultu, Isola Rossa, Costa Paradiso/ Council approved the city tourist tax. The amount of the charge per person per one-night stay proposed from 20. June 2019 till 31. August 2019 is €1. This fee is applied to all the guests of Trinita, Isola Rossa and Costa Paradiso for first 10 days of your stay.

This fee will be not applied to:  • children under the age of 10 • people up the age of 75

The funds collected through the tourist tax will serve to increase Trinita’ international competitiveness and improve its tourism infrastructure to attract more people to the towns, to raise the visibility of the locality and beaches, promote tourism, and increase the number of tourist attractions in Trinita D'Agultu. 

We would like to notice that the City tax fee is not included in to the room rate. The City Tax will be collected by the Trinita via accommodation providers and added to the bill. Please not that city tax has to be paid in cash the first day during your check in. 

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1. Before you arrive: At least 72 hours before arrival you must let us know what time you are planning to arrive.This is very important so that we can have a contact person waiting for you when you arrive and you don’t have to wait to get into the apartment. Mobile: +39 346 577 5975. Please remember that late check in is always on special request and can be on extra pay. 

2. Let us know when you have arrived in town: Once you have picked up your luggage in the airport or the station you must ring the contact person to let them know that you are on your way. In this way we can make sure we are there to meet you and you will not have to wait to get into the apartment. If you are coming by car then we ask you to let us know when you are 30 minutes away (in case of late check in). Remember that the telephone is: +39 346 577 5975.

3. Check in adress: Check in adress for all houses and apartments is: RECEPTION in Residence PALA STIDDATA, street Aldo Moro 11C, Trinita D'Agultu, 07038. Please remember, that it is not possible to meet you in the adress of your apartment. 

4. Access to the apartment: You may enter the apartment from 17.00. We do not have any luggage deposit, so if your flight arrives before you can go at the beach or make some round in Isola Rossa - 5 minutes by car from Trinita and the reception. this time you can leave your baggage in our offices. If your apartment is out of the village, somobody of us will come with you in the apartment in your final destination. 

5. Payment Outstanding payment: You must make the outstanding payment in order to gain access to the apartment. We would be very grateful it you could have the exact money ready in order to make your arrival as smooth as possible. Please remember that you have the details of the price in the confirmation email. 

6. Refundable deposit: 
You must pay a refundable deposit in order to gain access to the apartment. The method of payment is just in cash, depending on the terms and conditions of reservation detailed on the apartment page on the website.  Please observe the relevant conditions for each apartment. The deposit will be refunded after check-out once the apartment has been checked. We will check the state of the apartment at the exact time you leave the apartment.

About check out

1. Check out time: Check out time is between 10.00 and 11.00 o'clock. From this time onwards our cleaning service will need to gain access to the apartment to get it ready for the next visitor. We would like to inform you that it is not possible to request any late check-out on the day you arrive. At least 72 hours before arrival you must let us know what time you are planning to leave. It is important to know exact time of your check out because we will come to check the apartment and give you back your deposit. 

2. Early check outs: If you have to leave in the airport early in the morning it is no problem for us. We will meet the evening before to check your apartment and give you back the money of your deposit. Please remember the rules of cleaning, fridge has to be empty, dishes washed and rubbish tidied up. Before leaving the apartment for the last time you should leave the keys on the table, in postbox or hidden in some other place, unless you have requested a personal check-out. If you lose, mislay or forget to leave the keys we will be obliged to charge you to replace them and for changing the lock for security reasons.

3. Cleaning: The apartment will be clean and tidy when you arrive. The apartment rental always includes a final cleaning service which will take place the day you leave the apartment and before the arrival of the next visitors. The cost of the final cleaning service varies and is always listed on the information pages for each apartment.

The apartment should be left in an acceptable condition, with fridge empty, dishes washed and rubbish tidied up and left in containers in the street. If this is not the case we will be obliged to retain a portion of the deposit for cleaning. Remember that you already paid the cleaning fee so do not clean the apartment.

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Mgr. Veronika Jakubcova

Mobile: +39 346 577 5975 (also whatsap)

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